Privcore 2.0.0 (stretch)

New version available in download section. It’s a major update, designated for Debian9 (stretch) and in some ways incompatible with previous versions, so this is the reason why major number is shifted.


Major changes:

  • ownCloud replaced by Nextcloud, which is more featured and completely open fork of ownCloud
  • Added cutourn server. In conjunction with Nexcloud and WebRTC support in modern browsers, it allows you instant audio&video conferencing
  • phpldapadmin installed via deb package from Debian sid because you no longer find phpldapadmin in Debian Stretch repositories


  • Armbian doesn’t have Debian Stretch stable release. For this reason you can try to install this version on Armbian Jessie, but it hasn’t ben tested, so numerous bugs may happen
  • Documentation hasn’t ben updated yet

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