Introduction 2.X.X

In opensource world we already have all components needed to crate our private, Cloud based ecosystem, with all kinds of wonderful possibilities. But the real problem is, how to link it together and integrate it in that way, that it form a coherent whole? Fortunately for You, that part has already been done in PrivCore project 🙂

So what can you use PrivCore for? Here are some examples:

  • Simple Audio&Video conferencing with multiple persons
  • Calendar, contacts and files which you can share with others and synchronize across all your devices
  • E-mail and chat
  • Virtually every service, including your Linux system, integrated with single database (LDAP)

PrivCore is for the most part, a bunch of ansible scripts which will deploy and configure for you Cloud based IT services, namely:

Once you done with PrivCore installation process, you could further extends your system without any restrictions.

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