Installation guide 2.X.X

As you probably read on About page, key requirement is to have freshly installed stable release of Linux Debian system (at the moment for PrivCore 2.X.X versions it’s Debian9 Stretch). Be aware that your system should have set full DNS name, including host and domain parts. You can check that with hostname command :

# hostname -f

Here you can see, that my hostname is “privcore“, and domain “local“.

If your have installed system and access to root user, and didn’t mess up default configuration, then you are ready to go.

  • If you installed your system a while ago, as a first step you should upgrade packages to newest versions
    # apt-get update
    # apt-get upgrade
    # shutdown -r now
    # tar -zxf privcore-<version>.tgz
  • Run the setup and answer few simple questions
    # cd privcore-<version>     # ./

PrivCore 1.0, setup, main menu

Note: If frame characters on setup screen are messed up, you may need to adjust TERM variable, for eg:

    # export TERM=putty
    # ./

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