Installation Guide

As you probably read on our about page, key requirement is to have freshly installed Linux Debian 8 system (stable release). Be aware that your system should have set full DNS name, including domain name. You can check that with hostname command :

# hostname -f

If your have installed system, access to root user and didn’t mess up default configuration, then you are ready to go.

  • Update packages on your Debian system to newest versions
    # apt-get update
    # apt-get upgrade
    # shutdown -r now
    # tar -zxf privcore-<version>.tgz
  • Run the setup and answer few simple questions
    # cd privcore-<version>
    # ./

PrivCore 1.0, setup, main menu

Note: If frame characters on setup screen are messed up, you may need to adjust TERM variable, for eg:

    # export TERM=putty
    # ./

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