• What is it?

It’s an automated tool which helps you with deploying IT services, needed in every modern office or home. It means that you can have all benefits of Cloud Computing, without sacrificing in exchange your privacy or data security.


You can use it to share your data and photos, lead conversations via email or communicator, manage your contacts, calendars and so on.

  • Requirements

All you need is a computer or virtual machine with stable version of Debian, and optionally your own DNS domain if you need access from internet.

  • For who?

PrivCore is perfect solution not only for small and medium size companies, but virtually for anyone who want to keep data on own servers without giving up new Cloud based possibilities.

As a user, you just need to know as little as how to navigate via internet browser. But to successfully install and manage it, you should be at least Debian Linux user at moderate level.

  • License

PrivCore is distributed under CreativeCommons BY-SA 4.0 license. Full license text you can read on here and here is the summary of it.